So, I’ve decided to change something, specially for this film: There are now ten stars to get! And I’ve removed the “Horror” stars. I guess I just don’t watch enough thrillers ;).

Up  (2009)

Storyline: Carl Frederiksen, an old man whose wife has died, sets out in his house, carried by balloons, to visit South America. By accident, he takes 8-year old Russel with him. In South America, they meet a big bird, an old creep and a bunch of talking dogs.

Actors (well, their voices): Ed Asner, Christopher Plummer, Jordan Nagai

My Review: I watched this film a few years ago and thought it was okay. That changed today, when I watched it the second time. Oh my god. I know I cry while watching just about every film. But when I watched Up, I cried soo much (As you might notice from the quote I published). This film is probably one of the best animation films I’ve ever seen. I mean, the characters weren’t my favourite, but the story… On IMDb I read a comment saying something on the lines of: “…The best first 10 mins of a film ever…” or so, and I think it’s definitely true. It wasn’t hilarious, but quite funny. Almost a must-see.

Something I love about this film: The beginning

My stars:

Humor: 7/10

Action: 3/10

Love: 7/10

In All: 7/10

This is my opinion on the film, it doesn’t mean it’s this to everyone. If you want to you can post your own amount of stars in the comments :)



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