Breakfast at Tiffany’s


Breakfast at Tiffany’s  (1961)

Storyline: When writer Paul Varjak moves into an appartement near light-hearted Holly Golightly, they get to become very good friends. When they start to be more than just friends, Paul finds out that Holly had “forgotten” to tell him something more or less important.

Actors: Audrey Heoburn, George Peppard, Patricia Neal

My review: Oooohhh, Audrey Hepburn!!! I love her! Especially in another film (I hope to review it next time I watch it 🙂 ). I didn’t like the male lead in this film very much, maybe because some of the stuff he says is not very… intelligent in my eyes. The film was cool, funny and I mean, it’s just such a classic! I don’t think it will ever be one of my Top 5 Favourite Films, but there are very strong competitors (Notting Hill for example). It’s light (like most films I’ve seen. You might have noticed I don’t watch many psychothrillers 😉 ) and romantic. I talked to soemone about it and she said that she didn’t think it so funny, because Holly is actually kind of depressed and lonely, but that doesn’t make the film sad or so for me. I like it. Just watch, you won’t be disappointed.

Something I love about this film: Audrey Hepburn. Her clothes, her looks, she’s just so cool!

My stars:

Humor: 7/10

Love: 8/10

Action: 2/10

In All: 7.5/10



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