Pirates of the Caribbean


Pirates of the Caribbean (2003)

Storyline: When blacksmith Will Turner makes a deal with pirate Jack Sparrow to get back the governor’s daughter Elizabeth Swann, he doesn’t know Sparrow’s intentions to get back his lost ship, the “Black Pearl”, whose crew is now undead and under the lead of Captain Barbossa.

Actors: Johnny Depp, Keira Knightley, Orlando Bloom

My review: I guess this is one of THE must-see films from the 21st century. I think I’ve seen it too often, but I’ll just review as if I just saw it for the first time. I love Keira Knightley, she’s so beautiful! The dresses she wears are wonderful, why can I not have them?! I don’t like the start too much, but the film gets better and better all the time. The film is a bit long, but I can live with that ;). You don’t notice that it’s so “old”, which I think is really cool. Orlando Bloom really looks like in The three Musketeers at some point! (Okay, that information was completely useless…) Oh, back to the film: It’s cool, funny and you better see it (if you haven’t, but you probably have).

Something I love about this film: Jack, sorry, CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow. Savvy?

My stars:

Humor: 7.5/10

Love: 7/10

Action: 8/10

Horror: 6/10

In All: 8/10

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