Arthur Christmas


Arthur Christmas  (2011)

Storyline: Arthur, Santa’s second son, answers all the letters children write to Santa Claus. His older brother Steve is going to be the next Santa, though old Grandsanta critises Steve’s way of working. As Arthur finds out that one child had been forgotten, he sets with Grandsanta and wrapping-elf Bryony of to deliver the present on time.

Actors: Bill Nighy, James McAvoy, Hugh Laurie

My review: Best christmas film if not best film I’ve seen. And I’ve seen it quite a few times. Grandsanta is probably the funniest character in a film I’ve seen. I liked the idea of the whole film and most of the characters. This whole “modernised Christmas” was really amusing and the elves delivering the presents, it’s just so: “Imagine, Christmas would really be like that!” This film isn’t only for younger children. The jokes aren’t “adult jokes”, but I just think this film is hilarious. Maybe it’s not everyone’s kind of humor… It’s definitely mine! 😀 The just about only thing that annoyed me about this film, is that I don’t really like Arthur himself… But the others make up for him.

Something I love about this film: Just about everything

My stars:

Humor: 8/10

Love: 1.5/10

Action: 3/10

In All: 9.5/10 (close to perfection)


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