Frozen  (2013)

Storyline: Elsa and Anna are sisters and princesses of Arendelle. Elsa has got magical powers, she can make snow and ice. But Elsa loses control of her powers and when she has to become queen, she is terrified. At her coronation, she accidentally makes it be winter in all of Arendelle. She flees. Anna sets off to find her with the help of Kristoff, leaving Prince Hans in charge over Arendelle.

Actors: Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Jonathan Groff

My review: I saw it in the cinema (a few weeks ago, the review is a bit late) and I didn’t watch the trailer on purpose because the trailers always give away the best jokes and the funniest moments. At first we thought it was going to be in 3D because we got the glasses, but then after 5 mins it wasn’t 3D any more… (I hate 3D because the glasses never really fit over my glasses.) A lot of people in reviews complained about it being a musical, but I didn’t think the songs were very embarrassing or stupid, I thought they were quite sweet because they showed the real feelings of the characters. The story and the characters were really sweet, especially Olaf. The film was WAY less predictable than I thought, I really got a few big surprises out of it. A friend of mine pointed out to me, that in the end scene, Rapunzel and Flynn show up 😀 (Tangled which is awesome) which I think is a really cute idea. Oh, and I think that Elsa looks really beautiful when she turns into this ice-person thing. I really liked the film and for me it’s already one of Disney’s classics.

Something I love about this film: Elsa’s ice-castle and her style

My stars:

Humor: 7/10

Love: 6.5/10

Action: 5.5/10

In All: 8/10

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