Inception  (2010)

Storyline: Dom Cobb is best at stealing information from other people’s subconscience while they’re dreaming, so-called extraction. But to get back home to his kids, Cobb goes on a mission where he has to plant an idea into someones mind- inception.

Actors: Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page

My review: We’d had this film for quite a while and I wanted to see, but until now I never really got to… Seeing it the first time round it was quite confusing especially the beginning because I never got if it was a dream or reality. When I saw the cover and read the text on the back, I thought it was going to be a total action film, but it wasn’t. The part with Mal was kind of freaky, maybe because of her voice (which I don’t think sounds very… nice ). The second time round was way better, I knew the story and I could concentrate on the “smaller” things. My only problem with the film was that the whole dream-reality-hing kind of freaked me out. Anyway, I love the film. (!!!SPOILER!!!) I really really really wanted Ariadne and Arthur to become a couple, because after they kiss she smiles really shy and cute, they would have been so sweet together! Well, there’s still some space left for MY imagination ;).

Something I love about this film: The scene with the water-kick where the water comes crashing in… looks absolutely amazing

My stars:

Humor: 5.5/10

Love: 6/10

Action: 8.5/10

Horror: 1/10

In All: 8.5/10



4 thoughts on “Inception

  1. Yes, it’s confusing the first time and it leaves you with that “What??” feeling, especially the ending is shocking. But I think the idea is really cool and I liked the film a lot.

  2. I think you’re right! the first time I saw it, I was really confused too. What was real and what was a dream. I had my brother to explain. I also didn;t understand what Mal’s deal was and if she was dead or not. I get what you mean with ‘freaky’. haha But no I do get the whole story and I think it’s really amazing! Good actors and a very original story!

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