The Lord of the Rings: The two Towers


The Lord of the Rings: The two Towers  (2002)

Storyline: After the fellowship has broken, Merry and Pippin, taken by orcs, make new allies in the Ents, while Legolas, Gimli and Aragorn make allies in the people of Rohan, and all of them must launch an assault on Isengard. Meanwhile, Frodo and Sam force Gollum to guide them through Mordor, trusting him with their lives.

Actors: Elijah Wood, Viggo Mortensen, Orlando Bloom

My review: Okay, I admit it. I didn’t watch it twice, I just didn’t want to. It’s not the film is so bad or anything, but (once again) it’s just too long. Anyway, Gollum turned up at last (whoop whoop). I didn’t think the battle scenes were that cool and partly kind of boring, because they were mostly full of people I had forgotten about or where I couldn’t see the point in their appearance. Oh, and I was so proud of myself, because I was totally convinced that I knew the actor who played Sam (Sean Astin). Afterwards I checked on IMDb and found out that he had played Mikey (the young guy/main character) in The Goonies (awesome film by the way ;)! What I thought was a bit annoying was that it wasn’t very funny any more. At least the first one was still a little bit funny and I know it’s fantasy and not comedy, but I like it when there’s one or two jokes. Well, no, now I’m being unfair… Pippin and Merry were funny. Oh, and I thought it was really freaky the way Saruman possessed this king-guy and he got fingers that looked like huge worms and really milky eyes…

Something I love about this film: Pippin and Merry

My stars:

Humor: 4/10

Love: 2/10

Action: 7/10

Horror: 1/10

In All: 7/10


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