Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets


Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets  (2002)

Storyline: So, this time round, young Harry Potter can hear freaky voices all around the school and poor little half-bloods get petrified (strangely enough, none of them get killed. I guess J K Rowling wanted to save that up for later). And there is a new teacher Mr. Lockhart, who all girls seem to love and all the guys seem to hate.

Actors: Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint

My review: Round two. I think this film is the one I’ve seen most often (which is quite a few times).

It’s so cute seeing Hinny (Harry and Ginny) for the first time :D!

What annoyed me about this one, was that Hermione didn’t turn up as much because she was petrified for about a third of the film. Who also didn’t turn up enough were Fred and George, they should have at least been in the common room more often.

In this film there already was less light than in the first, it’s like a steady curve from “lots of light” towards “no light” from film one to eight.

I totally agree with Ron’s famous sentence:”Why spiders? Why couldn’t it be “follow the butterflies”?. Spiders totally give me the creeps, unless they’re about the size of a baby’s fingernail. I would probably die if I had to FOLLOW spiders just to meet even BIGGER spiders!

Oh, and then there’s Dobby. Dobby is really really cute, but he can be a bit annoying at times. (SPOILER) I thought that the “grande finale” was pretty cool with the basilisk and all, but I was a bit shocked that Lucius Malfoy actually tried to “Avada Kedavra” Harry just because he had lost him his house elf…

Something I love about this film: Gilderoy Lockhart having lost his memory (“It’s an odd sort of place, this, isn’t it? Do you live here?”).

My stars:

Humor: 7.5/10

Love: 1/10

Action: 8/10

Horror: 2/10

In All: 8.5/10


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