21 Jump Street


21 Jump Street (2012)

Storyline: Two immature cops get sent to a local high school after there’s been a death caused by a synthetic drug unknown to the police. There they are supposed to “infiltrate the dealers, find the supplier”.

Actors: Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill, Dave Franco

My review: This movie was on TV, so I decided to watch it although I wasn’t really that interested in it. It was actually a positive surprise. I mean, the jokes aren’t that original, but the whole idea (more or less), as far as I know, is. The characters were not my favourite, though. There were a few quite funny twists around the end, and I didn’t totally didn’t suspect the guy who turned out to be the supplier in the end (probably because I didn’t think about who could be it…). What I liked a lot, was that the nerds weren’t totally weird, other than in so many other films. And that the cool guys were all real nature guys (except for the selling-drugs part, I guess 😉 ). It was a little, well… dumb at times, but I didn’t really expect it not to be. At first I totally didn’t get that one of the guys turned out to be Johnny Depp, but as soon as he spoke, I was really surprised! Oh, and there’s going to be a part two (22 Jump Street) in summer, but I don’t think I’m going to watch it. I know this is a little shorter than usual, but anyway: good film if you need something not uncomplicated, funny and easy-going.

Something I love about this film: The (NOT) exploding trucks and the nerds. I thought they were way funnier than the “cool” guys.

My rating: 7.5/10

Did you see/like 21 Jump Street?


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