22 Jump Street

I think that for once (eh, twice), there aren’t any spoilers.


22 Jump Street  (2014)

Main plot: After leaving high school (for the second time), Schmidt and Jenko get transferred to 22 Jump Street and are sent to college, where they have to go undercover again. Once more, they have to split up.

Main cast: Channing Tatum (Jenko); Jonah Hill (Schmidt); Ice Cube (Captain Dickson)

Review: As I mentioned in my review of 21 Jump Street, I actually didn’t intend to go see this movie, but I got persuaded. And I was not disappointed. When I saw that it actually gets a better rating, I still wasn’t convinced, but I was very positively surprised. The plot was pretty much the same, but for me, the major difference was, that it was not as predictable. When it turned out, who the dealer was, the film took quite a twist. In my opinion, they played out the ‘relationship’ thing a bit too much though. Tatum and Hill went very smoothly with each other, but I didn’t think the Schmidt /Maya relationship was as believable. (In this case I preferred Schmidt with Molly in part 1.)
It was quite funny, and in contrast to many other movies, I found myself laughing out loud once or twice.
Right, if there are any How I Met Your Mother- fans reading this, you might know the actress who plays Maya (Amber Stevens) as Janet McIntyre (although she just reminded me of Beyoncé until I checked.)
So all in all, a very enjoyable comedy for both people who’ve seen 21 Jump Street but also for those who haven’t.

What I love about this film: That it wasn’t as predictable as the prequel and it was probably as good as a sequel goes.

My rating: 8.5/10

Did you see/like 22 Jump Street?


21 Jump Street


21 Jump Street (2012)

Storyline: Two immature cops get sent to a local high school after there’s been a death caused by a synthetic drug unknown to the police. There they are supposed to “infiltrate the dealers, find the supplier”.

Actors: Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill, Dave Franco

My review: This movie was on TV, so I decided to watch it although I wasn’t really that interested in it. It was actually a positive surprise. I mean, the jokes aren’t that original, but the whole idea (more or less), as far as I know, is. The characters were not my favourite, though. There were a few quite funny twists around the end, and I didn’t totally didn’t suspect the guy who turned out to be the supplier in the end (probably because I didn’t think about who could be it…). What I liked a lot, was that the nerds weren’t totally weird, other than in so many other films. And that the cool guys were all real nature guys (except for the selling-drugs part, I guess 😉 ). It was a little, well… dumb at times, but I didn’t really expect it not to be. At first I totally didn’t get that one of the guys turned out to be Johnny Depp, but as soon as he spoke, I was really surprised! Oh, and there’s going to be a part two (22 Jump Street) in summer, but I don’t think I’m going to watch it. I know this is a little shorter than usual, but anyway: good film if you need something not uncomplicated, funny and easy-going.

Something I love about this film: The (NOT) exploding trucks and the nerds. I thought they were way funnier than the “cool” guys.

My rating: 7.5/10

Did you see/like 21 Jump Street?