How I Ruined 9 Beautiful Seasons

If you have not seen the last episode of How I Met Your Mother, don’t read this or your life is over…
I have not got any self-control. So after I had seen like two episodes of the ninth season, I checked what happens in the final. Then I felt so bad I had to watch it.
I don’t know what to say. I laughed when watching, as if it was just some normal himym episode, but I (of course) cried… The first thing that annoyed me, was that you couldn’t really “get used” to Tracy (the mom), because she and Ted only seemed to be together for such a short time although it wasn’t that short. When I first read that Barney and Robin were getting divorced I was totally horrified. Then I read Tracy dies and I was like:”Why?! WHY?!”. When I finally read that Robin and Ted were going to be a couple, I so badly wanted to throw the laptop on the floor. And strangle myself for not having the patience to wait until I can watch it. When I saw the episode last night, I KIND OF understood it a bit better, but it was still like they punched me in the face. I loved Barney and Robin as a couple D: I read the following, which helped me understand a little better what made the producers do this:…-conned-us-all/ The only thing that seemed to work out in the end were Marshall and Lily, but I guess even the producers knew it would be too heartless to pull them apart.
Another thing that was pretty annoying was that it jumped so many years in between, it seemed like we weren’t supposed to get used to Tracy and Ted as a couple so we don’t miss her too bad. And, boy, Robin and Lily aged when you see the flashbacks to the first seasons… Anyway, I don’t think that Ted and Robin would have a good relationship, because they are (or used to be) so different, and you don’t know them enough in s9 to say if they’re good. You get kind of manipulated to almost want Barney and Robin to get divorced, but I still it was not a good choice.
The worst, and what I thought in some way almost absurd part, was Barney. COME ON!!! I haven’t got any words! Number 31 has no appearance AT ALL but little Ellie is, of course, the love of his life.
I know this isn’t a film review but it’s strictly speaking a series review, so I’m cool 😉

Did you see the finale? Did you like it or hate it?


Despicable Me 2


Despicable Me 2  (2013)

Storyline: Gru now has to face the problems being a father. Margo gets interested in boys and when fairy pricesses give it a miss at birthday parties, you have to be creative. But his life changes when he gets kidnapped by an agent from the Anti-Villian-League. The AVI want Gru to help them find a new super-criminal.

Actors: Steve Carell, Kristen Wiig, Russel Brand

My review: When I first heard that there was going to be a second Despicable-Me-Film I wasn’t quite sure what to think. I thought that it would be cool to see all the characters again but sequels usually aren’t as good as the first. I was actually positively surprised, at least I watched in the cinema twice. It was very funny again, but the story and the idea weren’t that new anymore and even I as an absolute minion-lover think they overdid it a bit on that front (although the last scene was just awesomilarious 😉 )… After the Minion-Film I probably won’t be able to look at the any more without wanting to… do not nice stuff. What I would have liked to see was what happened to Vector and the poor minion that also landed on the moon. The new characters were fun enough (I like it when Lucy does her kruuumpiiing) but there was no Vector *cry*. So, the film was quite good, but it didn’t quite get the awesomeness of the first part. Which one did you prefer?

Something I love about this film: the minion’s ice-cream-party (GELATOO GELATOO!!)


My stars:

Humor: 8/10

Love: 8/10

Action: 4/10

In All: 8.5/10

Despicable Me


Despicable Me  (2010)

Storyline: Gru, a villian working the help of an army of minions and Dr. Nefario, plans to steal the moon. To make his plan work and get the shrinkray (and shrink the moon with it) before his enemy Vector, he has to adopt three young girls from an orphanage.

Actors: Steve Carell, Jason Segel, Russel Brand

My review: I absolutely love this film. I have seen it so often, that I didn’t even have to watch it again for this review 😉 . This film is my first 10/10, so this is a very big thing for me. I might have watched a bit too often, so it could be a 9 by now, but the first two times it was definitely a 10. I love the idea, the characters, the story, the music, everything. It’s got this kind of slightly black humor I just love. When strolling through WordPress, I have found many complaints about the minions, but I just love them. I think it’s really funny to listen to them and try to understand what they are saying. The minsions speak a language called minion-ese which I think is some kind of mixture between english and french. On IMDb I read that every word can be translated into an actual word. By the way, their voices are by the directors 😉 . My favourite ” voice acting” was Jason Segel’s, I think he made an awesome job playing Vector.

Something I love about this film: 1. the minions. They’re just soo cute 2. Vector 3. Everything else

My stars:

Humor: 8/10

Love: 7/10

Action: 4/10

In All: 10/10