The Fault in Our Stars

I think that for once, there aren’t any spoilers.


The Fault in Our StarsĀ  (2014)

Main plot: The relationship of Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters, is probably special in every way. For one, they’ve both got cancer, which cost Gus a leg and makes Hazel have to carry an oxygen tank with her all the time.

Main cast: Shailene Woodley (Hazel Grace Lancaster); Ansel Elgort (Augustus Waters); Nat Wolff (Isaac)

Review: To be honest, I already cried when watching the trailer, and one of the reasons was, that I think Shailene’s voice is absolutely amazing. I had read the book (and reviewed it on my other blog), so I was a little bit anxious about the film not ruining it, but not living up to my expectations. I was not disappointed. The film was beautifully made and the cast was fantastic, as both Hazel and Gus aren’t perfect. of course they had to leave out one or the other scene and they changed the last words (yes, I’m very picky with this kind of stuff) which weren’t as good in my opinion. I once read something, that the amazing thing about John Green books is, that on one page, you can find a beautiful, deep quote and on the next one something like “I want this dragon carrot risotto to become a person so I can take it to Las Vegas and marry it”. My problem was, that, knowing what happens in the end, I found it rather hard to laugh.
I went to the cinema with a friend, and when the movie was over, we both cried so hard, but the rest of the cinema seemed completely untouched. I think someone even laughed šŸ˜¦ .

What I love about this film: That it was held very closely to the book and I think Ansel Elgort was the perfect Augustus Waters.

My rating: 9/10

Did you see/like The Fault in Our Stars?