Sherlock Holmes

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This review contains spoilers.


Sherlock Holmes  (2009)

Main plot: When Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson finally catch “dark wizard” Lord Blackwood, they think they just solved another case. But then Lord Blackwood returns from his grave and resumes to his dark plans, Holmes and Watson have to deal with what seems a full new case.

Main cast: Robert Downey Jr (Sherlock Holmes); Jude Law (Dr. John Watson); Rachel McAdams (Irene Adler)

Review: I’ve watched one of the Benedict Cumberbatch/BBC – Sherlock’s, and must say, I did like that better. I think the BBC version has got a better “total package” and I like Benedict Cumberbatch more in the role of Sherlock. He’s got this eccentric thing about him, where Robert Downey Jr. is more of a just action guy. I also couldn’t see what accent he was trying to do, as it did not sound that british.
It was the third film I saw with Rachel McAdams (other two being Mean Girls and The Notebook), and I like her a lot. It annoyed me a little that of course it was the girl who had to be saved but then in the end she was more or less the hero so I was okay again 😉 .
Overall it was an enjoyable enough film.

Something I love about this film: I don’t know, thee are a lot of smaller things I like about, but not really one thing that stands out. If I had to choose, I’d say the way you can see Holmes visioning what he’s going to do and then doing exactly that.

My rating: 6.5/10

Did you see/like Sherlock Holmes?